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Using Artificial Intelligence
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What we do.

We take leakage detection, pipeline monitoring and local resource management to the next level.
We treat water as the valuable resource it is.

Precise Leakage Detection

Detecting leakages should be fast and precise. There is no use in knowing there is a leak if you still need to send out dozens of people to pinpoint the exact location within your DMA/network. The state of the art is creating small enough networks, but this is not cost efficient. We offer detection with a precision of a few hundred meters, no matter the size of your network.

Water Management

Our society is evolving to become climate neutral and zero waste. A lot of investments go into optimising the local production and consumption of resources with the aid of solar panels and batteries. At Agrippa we help you to optimise the usage of your water infrastructure and (collective) water gains as well. Connecting water basins across (and beyond) the industrial terrain offers the chance to combine the need for flood buffers and water storage.

Key benefits.

Leverage Infrastructure

A solution that is more expensive than the problem is no solution. We do not require fancy and expensive sensors or invasive infrastructural works. We only need the data you already have; pressure, consumption and a hydraulic model. The model even may be uncalibrated, that's how smart our Artificial Intelligence is. Let us start from the problem, not the solution.

Extremely Scalable

Since we build Software as a Service, our solution is extremely scalable. Whether you have one DMA/network or thousand, the initial investment is small. You can turn monitoring for a particular network on and off whenever you want.

Precise Leakage detection.

How we monitor your precious pipelines for leakages.

Water Management.

Let's treat water as the valuable resource it is.

Connecting water basins across (and beyond) the industrial terrain offers the chance to combine the need for flood buffers and water storage. Combining both the need for buffer capacity and water storage requires thorough knowledge and modelling of both the expected precipitation and consumption needs. By linking rain water storage to industrial process with a purification unit, the result becomes even more promising yet challenging.

Simultaneously optimising buffer capacity and process demands requires knowledge of the system. Intelligent models are necessary to describe both buffer needs and consumption demands. Where physical models alone may fail to describe the system accurately, hybrid systems integrating Artificial Intelligence in those models can help fill the gap.

Model Predictive Control allows us at Agrippa to leverage the knowledge captured in the obtained models. MPC combines the ability to optimise the systems controls based on the state of the entire system while still coping with and correcting for unexpected events.

This is us.

Image of Sam

Sam Achten

Computer engineer

Image of Gert-Jan

Gert-Jan Bakkers

Chemical engineer

Image of Klaus

Klaus Dillen

AI expert and entrepeneur

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